By Ron Armour

USBC  Silver Certified Instructor


Coaching, what is it good for?....Absolutely everything!


            While watching my son and daughter play sports such as baseball, soccer, football and basketball, I see dads, moms, and grandparents coaching. They all know to start with the basics: hit, catch, run, tackle, and shoot. But when it comes to bowling the coaching skills consist of instructions like, “Goahead and bowl, and then I will tell you what you did wrong.” That would be like having children hit a baseball without showing them which end of the bat to hold. Not knowing these basics is not the fault of the parents. Most people think that bowling is a self-taught sport. If you told a friend you were getting golf or tennis lessons, they would probably reply something like, "How are the lessons going?” or "How much do they cost?" If you told that same friend that you were getting bowling lessons, their response would most likely be, "Bowling lessons? I never heard of bowling lessons.”

            Knowing how to start in bowling is one of the best kept secrets in the sport. But, with a certified bowling coach it is as easy as walking down the street while swinging your arm. The reason I say certified coach is that there are many “good” bowlers that only know one way to coach, the way they bowl. But that's all they may know. Bowling is a game of cause and effect. They may change one thing in their friend’s game, but the effect may cause two or more changes. There are a few exceptions, but I have witnessed this very thing many times. There is NO substitute for coaches who go to USA bowling classes, Dick Ritger classes, or various other bowling camps or seminars. These coaches also spend a great deal of time with on-lane coaching and study video tapes of people and their different bowling styles. Just like in every sport, there is more than one way to go from point A to point B. Just as long as point B is where the individual is reaching their maximum potential.

            On my travels in the bowling center, time after time I have seen young kids with a new ball, bag and shoes costing over $200.00. When I watch them bowl, their timing and/or release may be off. The parents don’t know that lessons are available, or they will not spend money for a lesson. With a certified coach, it should only take a few lessons to straighten out the basics of their timing and release. This in turn will cause the individual to improve their score and feel more positive about themselves and the sport of bowling. After all, bowling is a sport just like baseball, basketball, football, and soccer.

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